Photography for me started when I was in high school.  That is where I started to learn the old school stuff- composition, photojournalism, developing, black and white printing, and graphic design.  My dad gave me my first SLR camera then- a Konica, and I enjoyed composing the pictures, getting the lighting right.  Waiting for the negatives and prints was excruxiating.  In college, I learned to develop and print color, about the beginnings of the field of photogrpahy and the early masters of it.  The value of knowing the roots of photography is immeasurable.

Now, I enjoy the immediacy of the digital – who doesn’t?  I also enjoy working with my clients – drawing out the best in them.  My favorite shots – and I hope theirs, too- are the ones that will help them remember the moment.  Was someone telling a joke? Were you feeling proud of your son or daughter just then?  Commemorating a special occasion?  Maybe just enjoying a moment with someone you love.

The focus areas of M. Rummler Studio are family and children’s portraiture, business executives, and high school seniors, events, and birthday parties, too. There are a gazillion places in the Charleston area to capture your portrait at.  School photography is another area we excel at here.  We are all Moms here 

I have a team that I work with, Ann and Robyn, who are instrumental in helping me on assignments and in running the business smoothly.  I am a proud member of the Professional Photographers of America and also part of a Charleston area network of photographers.  Learning never stops around here.

We look forward to hearing from you and discussing your needs.  Please give us a call to chat about your session with us.  843.881.1936

Member, Professional Photographers of America